Our Story – Two Oily Ems

“Be the Person Your Dog Thinks You Are” - C.J. Frick


Our Oily Journey So Far...

We both grew up loving animals but especially dogs. The fond memories of our family’s dogs growing up never left our hearts and paved the way for our future.

We started our oily journey when we wanted a natural way of managing to calm our two beloved but anxious rescue dogs, Sunny and Grommie.

We met back in 2012 and it was safe to say that our dogs, Sunny and Grommie unfortunately did not share the same love. If anything it was the most stressful of times due to both our pups having a dislike to each other and their size difference but with time and patience and good strategies we got through it together

Sunny had experienced a range of things that was affecting her physically and emotionally including skin allergies and a fear of thunder and fireworks. Using the oils created a natural solution to managing both Sunny’s skin and her fear of loud noises.

We also realised this wasn’t just about just using the oils to manage our dogs needs. We discovered a number of different methods including T.Touch, positive reinforcement and enrichment activities that played a part with helping our dog’s health and the importance of diet. Using the oils the oils also made us realise how it was changing our energy thus making us much calmer around the dogs which definitely had a positive affect to their behaviour as well as ours. Lets face it its often about training the human before training the dog.

Three years later and we are loving finding ways to use our oils not just with our pups but helping other pet owners discover natural ways to manage their pets too. Including reducing toxins from the home and having a positive impact on not just us but the environment. It’s a wonderful feeling hearing about how these oils have helped support people and their fur children with essential oils.

We have been dedicated to learning and extending our knowledge of using essential oils with animals and recently completed a statement of attainment in Aromatherapy for Pets with the Australian College of Aromatherapy. We are members of a veterinary oils group and continue to develop our knowledeg of using the oils safely and effectively.

We also run successful workshops and classes both online and in person for dog owners and are passionate about educating effective and safe use of the oils with dogs. We often run interactive and make and take workshops at K9 Swim Hydrotherapy Centre for Dogs in North Richmond. K9 Swim is absolutely an amazing facility offering natural products and services such as Canine Hydrotherapy and Canine Underwater Treadmill Photonic Therapy.

Alongside workshops we attend many dog festivals including Street Paws and Dogs in the Park. You can also find us at our regular monthly markets at Dural and Glenorie Growers Market. We love interacting and meeting new dogs and of course their owners.

We hope you enjoy our page :)

Emma and Emily xx
AKA Two Oily Ems
And Sunny and Grommie xx
AKA Two Oily Pups

Meet The Oily Gang!


Hi I’m Emma and one half of the Two Oily Ems. I come from a teaching background and have worked with families and children for over 20 years but my love lies with working with animals.

My love of animals came from a young age where I would often be rescuing animals that I thought I could ‘save’. This ranged from caterpillars to anything that moved really. Even now I still rescue and release those giant cockroaches despite my fear of them!
I grew up in the UK and was lucky to have animals pretty much all my life. This ranged from family dogs, cats, hamsters, fish, gerbils and even had a pet rat but it wasn’t until I moved to Australia that I adopted my first dog, Sunny back in 2009.

Sunny was originally from a shelter and was being fostered at the time. She was waiting for her forever home and around a year old when she came into my life. I am so grateful that she did as she has been the furry love of my life ever since. That’s not to say it was all plane sailing of course. Sunny was plagued by her fear of thunder, anxious of big dogs and we were constantly back and forth to the vets for her skin allergies. It was long journey of discovery managing the different challenges that came up but ultimately as any good parent does we worked through them. Our dogs can teach us valuable lessons in life and because of them I am a better human.

For my own health journey I have found that using the oils have helped me immensely emotionally. I was often passing my anxieties on to Sunny and the oils have helped with not only calming my energy but Sunny’s energy.
It’s been an incredible journey so far and I love being able to help people and animals be the best version of themselves.

Cooking (especially with my Air Fryer), being out in nature, skiing and travelling to new places, making people laugh.

Animal cruelty, getting up when it’s cold and washing up.

Favourite Oils and Why
Neroli to take me to my calm place, frankincense to help me stay grounded and wild orange for uplifting me when I need a boost.


Hi I’m Emily and I’m one part of the Two Oily Ems.

Growing up I loved dogs and was always surrounded by the multitude of my family’s dogs. When I was 3 my family rescued a puppy from the local pound, which we would continually fought over calling her “our” dog when truly she was the family’s. It wasn’t until I was much older when I realized that in fact dogs really choose us not the other way round. Dogs truly complete a family bringing pure love.

Years later I also rescued a dog from the pound, Grommie. People say I saved her life but honestly it was the other way round. She was the one who saved my life and she continues to do this everyday. Dogs are truly the best form of therapy and throw in the oils and you have the ultimate combo!

My other love is nature. I love visiting the bush being surrounded by just trees and the wildlife. It is a surreal feeling of freedom and openness. So it made sense combining the two; dogs and nature together.

Together with helping Grommie, the oils have also supported me through my health. I’ve had my fair share of health concerns both physically and emotionally since I was a teenager. Over the years the oils have supported me physically, improve my energy levels, spiritually and most importantly emotionally.

Travelling, eating food (which is good as Emma loves cooking), zombies (yes I know weird) and bushwalking.

Animal injustice and loud eaters.

Favourite Oils and Why
Rose for my heart, bergamot for helping to stay calm and frankincense for everything!


I remember the day my mum came to visit me. I was staying with a nice lady called Anne who rescued me from a cold scary place with lots of noise. I didn’t like it much and was very glad to leave with her. Anne told me I could stay with her for a bit till she found me a home. The day my mum came to see me and I remember her cuddling me and it felt so warm and safe and knew we were meant to be together. I was so happy the day my mum picked me up and I went home with her. It was the best feeling ever and she helps me when I get scared when it thunders and when I’m itchy.

I met my big sister Grommie in 2012 and I must admit I didn’t like her much as she was bigger than me and she didn’t like me either. It wasn’t the best meeting but our mums persevered and helped us. I was so happy they did because Grommie is the best big sister and looks out for me and I love our walks together and hanging out.

Chasing birds and lizards, the beach and digging in the sand, bush walks and sniffing, snuggling up to my mums on the sofa.

Being cold, thunder, fireworks and having a bath.

Favourite Oils and Why
Frankincense and Lavender as it helps me feel calm during a storm and when I’m itchy too.


I was so happy the day I met my mum. I was in a very scary place with lots of noise and dogs barking and it was cold and lonely. I didn’t know what I had done to be in there and I was very sad so lots of people passed by me. I think my mum saw something in me that no one else did and decided she wanted to take me home to live with her. I couldn’t even jump into the car I was that nervous she had to lift me in but a few months on and I had settled down even though I got out a couple of times. Well I did like playing in the park. Now I’m more chilled and just love my comfy bed.

The day I met Sunny and saw she was a small dog I didn’t think much of her and we didn’t get on. It took us a while to bond but now I love her and I keep an eye out for her. She is my little sister after all.

Walks in the bush, chasing my ball, the beach, most food (see dislikes below), snuggles on the bed.

An empty bowl, lettuce and baths.

Favourite Oils and Why
Copaiba and marjoram as it helps me when I have run a bit too much. My mum gives the best massages with it!

We dogs & oils